Technology Driven Marketing

We harness the power of creativity, technology, media and community to help our clients achieve their greatest ambitions. We leverage technology and science to prove it, and constantly improve.

We are scientists with a paintbrush.


The scientific method redefined for business. Our process is meant for a startup lean and agile. We want to stay lean and mean, and make sure we are delivering value not meetings.


When engaging with a client we like to see ourselves as an extension of their team. Our goal is to understand all the goals and to for their pains to become our pains.


Now that everyone is comfortable with each other it's time to review the goals and pains and to define actionable tasks and metrics.


During the execution phase we work closely with our clients, and work hard to to get something good in front of a client as fast as possible.


This is the most important phase in our interaction. We were quickly able to create something and attach metrics to it. Now it's time to review the work, and adjust to make sure we are truly meeting our business goals.


Each of our services are supported by a strong technology and analytic components. Unlike other agencies we use custom software to help measure and improve. We aren't slaves to 3rd party software.


  • SEO Strategy
  • Brand
  • Technology
  • Governance
  • Planning
  • Audit
  • Social Media Management
  • Campaign Creation


  • Big Data
  • Market Research
  • Social intelligence
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Multi-variant Testing
  • Measurement and Analytics
  • User and Audience Research


  • Cloud Computing
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Quality Assurance and Deployment
  • Product Development
  • Front and Back End Development
  • Process Consulting
  • Emerging Platforms
  • Robotics


  • Branding and Art Direction
  • Userflow Development
  • Content and Monetization Strategy
  • Persona and Scenario Study
  • Creative Concept and Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Information Architecture and Design

About Us


Joshua Corb

Managing Partner

Josh is the Technology and Strategy lifeblood of BASIS. with his experience and expertise he has helped BASIS. and its clients grow well beyond industry standards.

Joshua started his career in tech in 1999 and was awarded his first patent by the age of 20. He has many career highlights, including working with MySpace, Demand Media and Docstoc in their beginnings, where he was brought into help define digital strategies and to monetize content, create an international presence and developed successful SEO, SEM and email marketing campaigns.

From there he began his career in the Agency world working for a boutique agency where he was Director of Technology. When he arrived, the department consisted of 2 developers. Within 9 months, Joshua transformed the department into a team of 16 people and helped them adopt agile methodologies.

Joshua formed BASIS. because he saw a need for a technical approach to solving business problems. His expertise helps BASIS. clients, which range from Fortune 500 companies to startups, to create a blueprint for developing technology and online marketing solutions to help them reach their goals.

Joe DiPietro


Born in Columbus, Ohio, agency partner Joe DiPietro brings his Mid-Western work ethic to BASIS. every day, not to mention, his strong background in business development, account management and promotional marketing.

His past experience includes, but is not limited to, social media and digital marketing programs for a variety of sports and entertainment arenas. He handled digital and event marketing for two different NHL hockey teams, a professional football team and multiple arenas and amphitheaters. He has also a vast experience in the Automotive category working both on the Dealer and Corporate side of the business handling all marketing activities offline and on.

At BASIS. Joe works to develop new business, work with current clients on ideation and brainstorm on how to do things differently.

Robert Dorsey

Creative Director - UX Designer

Seasoned, award winning agency creative, with over 11 years experience in UX Design, UI Design, Interactive & Product Design. Robert usually prefers to let his work speak for itself, but has been told that he is “like a Swiss army Knife of Multi-Media and represents “Outstanding critical thinking throughout his work”. Most of his work prior to BASIS. was with a Boutique agency that has represented brands from the Largest Animal Sanctuary in the world, to many Major Colleges and Universities.

At BASIS. Robert serves as the teams Creative Director and Lead UX Designer. He excels and enjoys working directly with clients and helping them through the creative process. With Rob, no ideas are bad, and all collaborations are welcome. He will consistently bring an impressive level of artistry, and technical detail to every project all while staying on track to meet the deadline.

Ericka Dean

Director of Accounts & Project Management

Tasked with handling all account and project management for BASIS. To say that Ericka is well organized would be an understatement. Beginning early in her career Ericka was known as the go to, to get things done. She has worked in both the agency and consultancy sides of the business helping to organize large scale urban planning to worldwide digital marketing and media strategies for entertainment and lifestyle clients.

At BASIS. Ericka has been apart of building brands from the ground up, has worn every hat on the rack and is just short of leaping tall buildings in a single bound when it comes to her ability to see a project through. When working with her and her team, clients know what level of precision, communication and overall passion they will receive.

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